Ram OverClock Guide

(WORK IN PROGRESS, Currently we haven’t been able to get the Ally to boot. Use this guide at your own discretion.)

Materials Needed:

  • Phillips size 100 driver
  • Plastic pry tool


  2. You will need to dump your bios and keep a clean backup on hand, if you dont know how to do this or aren’t comfortable you should probably stop here.
  3. Sometimes it can take a while to recover on the first boot.
  4. This guide isn’t complete and is a work in progress
  5. Please be careful adjusting ram. Pushing past stock can cause stress on the system and could cause potential system damage.
  6. You’ll want to follow our Smokeless-UMAF setup guide and boot into Smokeless


Pre Step: Use your Ch341a and pogo adapter to make a bios dump, this way if you end up bricking the system you can just flashback.

Step 1 Disable power down mode in:
AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > LPDR Options > LPDDR Controller Configuration > LPDDR Power Options > Power Down Enable: Disable

Step 2 Set the memory speed clock to 7000
AMD CBS > UMC Common Options > DDR Common Options > LPDR Options > LPDDR Timing Configuration > Accept
Active Memory Timing Settings
Maximum Memory Data Clock Speed <7500MT/s>

Enable manual timings and set to the A1 Pro timings that are listed at the bottom, please note they must be converted to HEX.

Step 3 (on the keyboard, not the gamepad) Press ESC until you get to the save prompt > Press Y to save then esc again to get back to the initial screen > Press enter on Continue then enter to reboot.

Here are the stock timings for the Aly for 6400MT/s

Here are the stock timings for the A1 Pro for 7500MT/s

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